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Martina Berhel


Regardless of whether at schools or universities, in public institutions or in companies: modern work always means teamwork. It's the level of the team that determines the quality of the work; and subsequently the success of the individual and the company.

However a team working at task level represents only a third of the team as a whole. The other two thirds are determined by the emotional structure. That is why a successful team has to clarify the emotional elements like self-image and perception of the other, consideration, transparency, etc...

With »Teamotion©« I have developed a system that, efficiently and sustainably, demonstrates, clears and if necessary, repairs the emotional structures of teams. Teamotion© creates teams that, without frictional resistance, succesfully work together, in the real meaning of the word!
»Teams are made of humans - and therefore of emotions.«

Teamotion© Training

The Teamotion© Training takes place in units of two hours, according to the clients’ needs. It works out efficient steps to improvement. Furthermore, it is ideal as a follow up to the workshop and the course, and it allows intensive cooperation with individual members of a team.
Martina Berhel
Martina Berhel

Teamotion© Daily Workshops

The Teamotion© Daily Workshop efficiently optimizes the teamwork. It offers quick and productive improvements, which makes it ideal for tackling critical situations. It answers questions such as:

- what are our problems?
- where do complications start?
- what can we improve by ourselves?
- who can help?
- what are the effective steps towards quick improvement?

Teamotion© Workshop

The Teamotion© Workshop is a weekend course for creating new and successful team structures. It is a tool for newly created teams which from the beginning want to, or must do everything right, or for teams that have lost their peak performance and therefore need a new start, a new orientation.

- Systemic Analysis: Solo - Team - Leading level
- Functional system - Emotional system
- Emotional Team Landmap
- The three core competencies
- Me-Vision versus Team-Vision
- Targets - Achievement - Timetable
Martina Berhel