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Consulting & Coaching
Martina Berhel


As a coach and as a consultant, I always do my utmost to understand the rational effective factors as well as the emotional effective factors, as they always play a part in the problem. With this in mind, I offer something special for groups and individuals: besides context and problem statement, I always take the »emotional statement« into consideration: with my clients, I try to find out which emotional factors brought about the problem in the first place, which emotional factors block the path to the result or divert from the solution, consequently making it unnecessarily harder to resolve the problem.

The results of my work culminate in a coaching process that really changes something – not only on the surface, but also underneath.

Areas of Focus

Leadership . Job - Vocation . Work-Life-Balance . Burnout prophylaxis . Second career . »Generation consulting«
»Every problem statement starts with analysis of the emotional statement.«